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πŸš€ 3a -Very realistic Among Us Simulation

πŸš€ What is Among Us?
Among Us is essentially an online multiplayer version of the party game wink murder, but set on a constantly malfunctioning spaceship. you’re told whether you’re an innocent crew member or an imposter.

Allowed to talk to each other for a limited time. During these discussions, the crew needs to try to work out the identity of the imposter(s) by reporting on which other players seem to have been acting suspiciously 1

You were accused as the imposter
  • Write in the chat your defense to convince the fleet that you are not the imposter!
  • Try talking about Bruno -> This is the trick not to get ejected
  • Try entering nothing -> It should just print you: and not have the chat react
Fix the following Program
  • The following program doesn't ask for any user input. just prints whatver is inside of the variable your_message and your tag
  • Modify line 4 so that it prompts user for an input and save it isnide of the "your_message" variable
Remember that to prompt an user to write input you write something like:

inputvariable = input("Please enter somehting")

Adding a Username​

We are now going to modify the code so that it replicates the following behavior:

Add a username now too
  • Expand the following block
  • Modify line 3 to request for a username
  • Modify line 6 to request for a message
✍ You can solve the problem here using Trinket