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Chapter 6a - For Loops

For Loops

for i in range(10):
  • Try chan-+ging from 10 to 15

More about Range

range(start, stop, steps)

for i in range(2,12,3):
print("Number "+ str(i))

Exercise: Hello...

  • Create a program that prints the following using for loops:
  • The program prints Hello {n} and the iteration number in {n}
  • It itarates 5 times
  • Note how it starts from 1 instead of 0

Please solve it here:

Placing Napkins

  • The following program asks the amount of tables to setup.
  • The for each table it:
    • places the plate.
    • the napkin.
    • Tells the the number of the table set.

For example for the first table it would print.

Plate placed
Napkin placed
Table has been set for 1

Modify the program so that It also adds:

  • Silverware preparations
  • Glass of water preparations for each table.

So instead of just doing the following for the first table:

Plate placed
Napkin placed
Table has been set for 1

It should be doing this:

Plate placed
Silverware placed
Napkin placed
Glass of water placed
Table has been set for 1

*** 🙋‍♀️ Expected Output

Example: Spiral