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First Class

Introducing ourselves

Hello I am Nelson I will be your instructor for programming and your success is my #1 priority!

As a way to get to know each other, I will ask everyone to introduce themselves by answering the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • If you could only use one word to represent yourself, what word would that be? (Optional: say why)
  • Also why are you here? (Or what would you like to learn from this class)

Warm-up Exercise

This is just to get a feeling of the level of the class, please don't worry if you can't finish the assigment! Also feel free to ask anything and as many times as you need to about any question you have regarding the problem, how to solve it, if you would like me to re-explain something, etc!

Problem prompt

Create a program to help you introduce yourself using the following template

Hello I am [your name] and my mood word would be [your word]. I am here because [reason you are here]


Hello I am Nelson and my mood word would be curious. I am here because I love teaching about what I am passionated about.
Bonus point challange 1: Using Variables

Save your [name], [mood word], and the [reason you are here] into variables instead of hardcoding it when you are printing it. And then figure out how to print them in a way it shows the same result as before!

Bonus point challange 2: Prompting for user input

Now make the program ask your for your [name], [mood word], and the [reason you are here], save those inputs into variables, and then print them using the same template as in the problems above!

Bonus point challange 3: Arrays

This exercise might be a little more challanging.

Instead of printing one mood word, print your top 3 mood words. Save the moodwords using an array/list.

Bonus point challange 4: Random

This exercise might be a very challanging.

Make the program choose a random mood word between the moodwords entered by the user.