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Game Dev - A plan

· 3 min read

I am planning to start hte game dev. But my major question is what game engine?

Checking into different game engines.

MetricPhaserUnityGamemaker Studio 2GodotUnreal Engine
Learning Difficulty672410
Mobile Platform399?8
Web Platform108883
Loading Speed62
Language Usefullness88217


This means how good are they at scaling up.

Out of the question

  • 3djs -> Too complex for your first game engine

Gamemaker Studio 2 - For first game engine

There is a catch!

It is free to develop games, you have to pay for exporting it (Sharing to friends)


  • As an instructor I can buy and export the games for you and just send you the files or publish them for you
  • Of course I will not take any credits/profit form your game
Why GameMaker Studio 2
  • Easy to learn
  • Decent Scalability
  • Compatibility with all type of platforms: Web browsers, Mobile Applications,


Subscription Comparison

Phaser - For fast loading games (Totally Free)

Why Phaser
  • Fast Loading

Phaser/Godot- Best for Chromebook

Game Development on Chromebook with Godot

While the case for Phaser is that it just needs a linux terminal + a programming field and that should be enough since it just needs a browser for loading it.


Unity - Best for Serious Game Dev



  • Allows 3D/2D
  • Crossplatform Compatible
  • Reasonable Difficulty
  • Online Multiplayer


  • Loading Speed

Study Plan